Return of the geek

5 Aug

I was munching away on my BBQ hula hoops for breakfast this morning when rather than thinking, this us not a stable eating habit for a man of my age, I remembered I had a blog lying around here somewhere.
I scrambled around past saved games of FM2011 and various web design mags I’ve acquired over the past few months, under the Racing Post pullout tipping Coventry to go down again this season and round the back of the wedding invites the wife to be is making to send out for next years event.
Of course it’s always in the last place you left it, stuck in mid February fixtures, gathering dust at WordPress HQ.

So I return to the fold with new 2011/12 season on our doorstep and attempt to provide some more betting insight and advise.

After last seasons experiment to tip Premiership games in certain markets, I’ve been working on a new niche way to tipping. The tips did produce just under 3 points worth of profit to level stakes before I did a Zlatan style disappearing act for the rest of the season.
However, after a few events where the Mrs and kids needing looking after, I turned my attentions to the goalscoring markets.

I plan to launch a home for goalscoring tips and articles on the players to watch, which is also why I’ve been studying CSS, HTML5 and the likes to hit the ground running.

For time being though I’m gonna post a few tips for matches coming up here and see how we go.

Glad to be back, stay tuned for my first match preview of the season……


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