Time for a Premiership and betting review

3 Sep

With a weekend off from Premiership action last week, now seems a good enough point to review August and the story so far…..

Bets placed: 4
Total stakes: 4 points
Total returns: 6.51 points
Profit: 2.51 points

A lot of tipsters don’t get started with the football season until the end of September when they have enough games and stats to play with too feel confident.

With my new style of looking at tactics and setup of teams rather than stats and averages, this hasn’t been so much of a problem. Still, I have aired on the side of caution with 2 corner and 2 half time bets.

However 2.51 points is a nice start, mainly thanks to Blackpool and their attacking style. Will be interesting if they continue with the 4-3-3 formation, especially as it got punished so badly at Arsenal.

I got lucky with the half time draw in Blackburn-Arsenal game, where I expected a 0-0 not 1-1, but we’re happy to take the money.

Already there is interesting developments in teams setup, with the 4-2-3-1 formation in demand as in the World Cup. Some have ditched this such as West Ham and other have used it in different styles. Fulham interests me and the role of Etuhu in a more attacking role could prove profitable.

I’m no tactics expert yet, and still learning but finding the journey most interesting.

Stoke’s new signings should also be interesting, a team which seem to be building on their success, in a similar style that my beloved Leicester City did in the nineties.

I hope to review them and a few other in form teams and players in more in-depth posts.

Ok time to look forward again, tips should be up by Saturday morning at the latest.


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